Long-Bailey Facebook group rife with antisemitism

Rebecca Long-Bailey has promised she can end Labour’s antisemitism crisis, but racist posts are common in the largest Facebook group supporting her.

Antisemitic posts are rife in the largest Facebook group supporting Rebecca Long-Bailey, The Red Roar can reveal.

Posts in the We Support Rebecca Long-Bailey group have blamed Jews for everything from inventing Labour’s antisemitism crisis to supplying the terrorist group ISIS.

Amongst the group’s 6,600 members are new Labour MP Tahir Ali, three Labour councillors, at least one member of Long-Bailey’s campaign team and Jeremy Corbyn’s sons Ben and Tommy.

Posts attacking the Jewish community’s demands for tackling antisemitism drew responses asking “Who is now running the Labour Party?” and “looks like the BOD want to be in charge of the Labour Party now.”

Other posts claimed that “Labour’s fake antisemitism crisis” was the result of “fake antisemitism accusations fomented by Israel” or by “MI5 [who] conspired with right-wing Zionists to treasonously undermine free and fair elections.” Another post, published today, includes a graphic claiming Keir Starmer “pursued [a] fake antisemitism crisis”.

The group has also featured posts promoting conspiracy theories that “Zionist Jews … do everything in their power to fight socialism” and that Israel “supplied ISIS, Al Qaeda, FSA with weapons and funding for years”.

Rebecca Long-Bailey has been criticised for doing too little about Labour’s antisemitism crisis as a member of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, but has also faced criticism from hard left activists for signing ten pledges from the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The group has a team of at least seven administrators but at the time of publication none of the members who made the above posts had been banned or had their messages deleted.

The presence of antisemitism amongst her supporters on Facebook invites comparisons with pro-Corbyn groups that were notorious for spreading antisemitic messages.

There is no suggestion that Rebecca Long-Bailey, members of her campaign team, Tahir Ali MP, the three Labour councillors, Ben Corbyn or Tommy Corbyn endorse the views expressed by some of the group’s members.

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s campaign had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

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