Long-Bailey campaign spreading fake news about Nandy’s role in welfare vote

An official briefing from Long-Bailey’s campaign falsely counts Lisa Nandy’s maternity leave absence during the 2015 Welfare Bill vote as evidence she didn’t oppose it.

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s leadership campaign is encouraging volunteers to spread fake news about Lisa Nandy’s role in the 2015 Welfare Bill vote, The Red Roar can reveal.

Campaign staffers are repeatedly sharing a ‘crib sheet’ briefing with volunteers that claims that Long-Bailey was “the only leadership candidate who opposed the 2015 welfare bill”, despite the fact that rival candidate Lisa Nandy opposed it too.

The briefing, shared using Google Docs, lists Momentum founder and Long-Bailey campaign chief Jon Lansman as a “contributor” and a Momentum organiser as its author.

Momentum has already faced criticism for sharing a video that made the same claim, forcing Lisa Nandy to point out that she was on maternity leave and therefore unable to vote against the Welfare Bill despite stating her opposition to it at the time. All leadership candidates voted against the Welfare Bill at its third reading in October 2015.

Another two documents being shared by Long-Bailey staffers make similar claims. One written as a briefing for members speaking at CLP meetings makes the misleading claim that Long-Bailey “is the only candidate who voted against the Conservative welfare bill in 2015.”

Another guide staff shared with volunteers, originally authored by Labour activist Ed Poole, gives Lisa Nandy a lower ranking for being on maternity leave during the Welfare Bill vote. One Long-Bailey activist claimed to have printed one hundred copies of the guide to hand out at their CLP’s nomination meeting.

Earlier this week Rebecca Long-Bailey said Labour needed to do more to combat “misinformation or smears”.

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