Labour Party receives complaints against “Rachael Swindon”

The Labour Party has been sent multiple complaints about an antisemitic tweet from 'Rachael Swindon', one of Jeremy Corbyn's most aggressive online supporters.

The Red Roar understands that multiple complaints have been submitted to the Labour Party against Rachael Cousins, the woman behind the pro-Corbyn ‘Rachael Swindon’ Twitter account.

The account tweeted a list of demands of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, including several requiring the organisation to condemn and apologise for the actions of the Israeli state. Holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of the state of Israel is one of the examples included in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism. The tweet was later deleted.

This isn’t the first time the account has made controversial statements. In 2016, it shared a conspiracy theory linking the Rothschild family to the Syrian civil war. That tweet was also deleted.

In 2017, Rachael Cousins received a personalised Christmas card from Jeremy Corbyn thanking her for “all her help,” and met John McDonnell in his parliamentary office. Unite the union has provided Cousins with free legal advice in the past, including drafting a legal letter to The Sun to prevent them from running a story on her.

Labour leadership candidate, Jess Phillips has now called on the party to suspend Cousins.

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