THE DOCTOR WILL FEE YOU NOW: Boris Johnson proposed charging people to see their GP

The Red Roar has uncovered yet another example of Boris Johnson calling for privatisation of the NHS, this time backing proposals to charge people to see their GP.

Boris Johnson proposed charging people to see their GP in a column unearthed by The Red Roar.

Writing for The Telegraph in 2002, the prime minster suggested “imposing a 25 per cent upfront charge – which is refundable later – on everyone who calls to see the doctor.”

Johnson claimed the proposal would “stop the wasting of GPs’ time”, but research from the independent King’s Fund think tank has shown that such a policy would “have a detrimental impact on demand from the very people who need care most – older people and the poor.”

According to website Business Insider, Johnson made similar claims in 1995, saying that “if people have to pay for [NHS services] they will value them more.”

It comes after The Red Roar revealed an exclusive clip of Boris Johnson’s 2002 speech to the House of Commons in which he called for the break up of the “monolithic, monopolistic” NHS.

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