Tory donor runs Christian charity that likened homosexuality to “illness”

The charity run by Conservative peer Lord Edmiston who has given the party £4.5 million has likened homosexuality to an "illness" that can be "cured".

A donor who has given the Conservative Party £4.5 million runs a Christian charity that is promoting the idea that homosexuality can be “cured”.

Christian Vision was founded by Lord Edmiston, one of the Conservatives’ top ten financial supporters who has already contributed £250,000 to the party’s general election campaign. Edmiston continues to chair the charity’s board and his motor trading business is its major funder.

Since 2011 the charity has been releasing a series of slick videos and graphics on social media under the brand name yesHEis, many of which are targeted at people in developing countries.

The charity says the aim of the project is to share “personal testimonies of Christ’s love”, but The Red Roar can reveal that it has promoted the idea that homosexuality is an “illness” and a deliberate lifestyle choice.

The title of one video produced by the yesHEis project for an Indonesian audience translates as “Former Gay Confession” and bears the description “upset with bad past experiences, Mike decided to deliberately be gay.” A Facebook post created to promote the same video claims that “an illness can be cured if treated appropriately and by the right person … God is a great doctor”, while a short trailer suggests that homosexuality is caused by abuse, saying “sodomy victims became transgender and gay”.

Two videos produced for an African audience promote the idea that homosexuality can be overcome by adopting the Christian faith. One features a man who the charity says, “wrestled with his thoughts and feelings about homosexuality, until he finally openly expressed his interest in living a gay lifestyle” but was “searching for love in all the wrong places”. That video opens with the bizarre message “Jesus is better than an orgasm”, while the other featuring a woman who claims her former lesbian partner was a “Satanist” bears the message “I never wanted to be gay”.

The yesHEis website carries a further two videos with similar messages, titled “LGBT: Love God Be Transformed” and “Transformed: A Transgender’s Encounter with God”.

As a member of the House of Lord, Edmiston himself campaigned vigoursly against same-sex marriage, arguing that “it is a physical impossibility in same-sex relationship for the reproductive organs to be joined together” and claiming it could lead to marriage between close relatives.

The revelations could prove embarrassing for Boris Johnson who despite a long history of slurs against the LGBT community recently promised to “champion LGBT+ equality”.

The social media posts referred to in this article have been deleted since Lord Edmiston was approached for comment. Backups are available on request.

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