REVEALED: Tories pocket over £2.3m from donors linked to tax havens in one week

Nearly half of the £5.7 million raised by the Tories in their first week of campaigning came from mega-rich supporters who are linked to tax havens.

The Tories have pocketed over £2.3 million in donations from mega-rich supporters who are linked to tax havens, The Red Roar can reveal.

The vast sum was raised in just the first week of the election campaign, amounting to nearly half of the £5.7 million raised by the Tories in total, dwarfing Labour’s £133,000 in large donations. Read the full run down of the donors and their offshore links below.

John Gore – £1 million

Theatre producer John Gore donated a whopping £1 million, but Companies House filings reveals that the business that made him a billionaire is based in the notorious tax haven of Delaware in the US. Gore only recently returned after moving to the Bahamas a decade ago and didn’t vote in the 2016 referendum, but says he has handed over £3.6 million to the Conservatives since his return because he is “a British citizen with an outside eye”.

Shore Capital Group – £250,000

Shore Capital Group has boasted it will “take advantage of Brexit uncertainty” and its ultimate parent company is based offshore in Guernsey. The business is co-owned by brother Graham and Howard, and it has only been six short months since Graham stood for the Brexit Party in the European Parliament elections.

John L Beckwith – £250,000

Beckwith sits atop a £303 million property empire shared jointly with his brother and launched a foreign exchange venture with Brexit fanatic Lord Digby Jones in 2012. He was named in the Paradise Papers in connection with an entity based in Bermuda that appears to have had a role in managing the Asian assets of his firm Pacific Investments.

IM Group Ltd – £250,000

IM Group is the globe-spanning motor-trading company owned by Lord Robert Edmiston who enjoyed a £60 million payday from the business earlier this year. As well as operating a subsidiary in Guernsey, Edmiston was named in the Paradise Papers in connection with a private aviation firm based in Malta.

Lubov Chernukhin – £200,000

Lubov Chernukhin is the wife of Vladimir, a former Russian deputy finance minister working under Putin.  Chernukhin made headlines in 2014 after bidding £160,000 for the chance to play tennis with Boris Johnson at Tory fundraising dinner. Less well known is that the couple’s £18 million Regent’s Park home is owned by a firm registered in the British Virgin Islands, as is their only remaining business which is carrying debts of £8 million.

European Land and Property Limited – £200,000

European Land and Property is owned by the Reuben family who it was revealed had donated £50,000 to Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign after he approved a £100 million luxury development of theirs as mayor despite the fact it featured no social housing. The brothers are the second richest family in the country with a net worth of over £18 billion, but their property empire is owned offshore in Jersey.

Andrew E Law – £200,000

Hedge funder Andrew Law has a net worth of £485 million. His business Caxton Associates has recently announced that it could move its headquarters from New York to London to take advantage of the weaker pound created by Brexit, but US filings show his business is ultimately registered in the tax haven of Delaware and has a subsidiary operating out of the British Virgin Islands.

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