“MAGNIFICENTLY SEXIST”: Boris Johnson wrote article that ogled women and claimed Muslims refuse to integrate

In a newly unearthed article, Boris Johnson indulges in misogynist descriptions of women and claims that Muslims have refused to integrate.

Boris Johnson wrote an article titled “Magnificently Sexist” in which he ogled women at a beauty pageant and claimed that Muslims have refused to integrate.

Writing for the Spectator in 2005, Johnson described attending a Filipino beauty contest, singling out contestants as “the one with the cleavage” and “the one with the legs”. He quotes another woman to ridicule her accent after ogling her in front of his daughter: “Mother no. 5 had no doubt. ‘My best physical asset ees my arse.’ And how! I said, and nudged my 12-year-old.”

Johnson also found space in the article for an attack on the Muslim community, writing that he agreed with an attendee who told him “We say that if you come here and make your home here, then you adopt the rules of this country. It’s a pity the Muslims can’t do the same.”

In contrast, he praises Filipinos “for their self-help, faith and refusal to become victims” adding “no wonder they face such scorn from the race relations industry”.

It’s another in a long history of misogynist and racist comments from the man running to be Prime Minister.

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