Boris Johnson accepts £50K from donor accused of profiting from prostitution

Boris Johnson has trousered a £50,000 donation from Christopher Moran, the owner of a tower block so rife with prostitution it was nicknamed the "ten floors of whores".

Boris Johnson has accepted a £50,000 donation from a businessman accused of “profiting from an apartment block rife with prostitution”.

The money came from Golden Lane Securities, a business owned by Christopher Moran who was reported by The Times to be making millions in rent from a Chelsea apartment block nicknamed the “infamous ten floors of whores” because of its use by prostitutes. Despite a police crackdown earlier this year, prostitution is still said to be rife in Moran’s apartment block.

David Cameron was once reported to be so embarrassed by financial support from Christopher Moran that he had tried to cover it up, but Theresa May accepted over £87,000 in donations from him.

Johnson seems to have no such worries either, he took a flight in Moran’s private jet last year despite leading a policy initiative to make it “dangerous” for prostitutes to advertise as Mayor of London.

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