Tories offering super-rich donors private budget briefings with the Chancellor

Members of the elite Chancellor’s Group of Tory donors are invited to exclusive “fiscal event briefings”, raising questions over cash-for-access.

The Conservatives are offering super-rich donors access to the Chancellor at exclusive “fiscal event briefings”, the Red Roar can reveal.

The revelation raises questions over cash-for-access as the Chancellor Sajid Javid prepares to deliver his first spending review to Parliament tomorrow.

His party is promising that members of their exclusive Chancellor’s Group of donors “will be invited to discuss topical issues of the day with the Chancellor and other senior figures, attend fiscal event briefings and receive updates on the economy.” The group appears to have replaced an older donors club known as the Treasurers’ Group.

Membership of the club costs £25,000 a year and is “aimed at supporters predominately employed in the financial services and business sectors”. Its chairman is Dominic Johnson, a financier best known as Jacob Rees-Mogg’s business partner at Somerset Capital Management who has himself given over £280,000 to the Conservatives.

The Conservatives have never published any records of the group’s membership or meetings with ministers, leaving the public in the dark over potential conflicts of interest.

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