The heat is on for Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is set to face another difficult week on Brexit and antisemitism, but this time he will not have a key aide to rely on.

July is often a torrid time in politics but few are likely to be as crazy as this one. The leadership of two of the three major parties will change hands and in the case of the Tories that will also mean we get a new Prime Minister.

Sounds like Jeremy Corbyn has again seen off opponents? Hardly.

The Labour leader is set for a new chapter in the party’s endless antisemitism crisis as Panorama broadcast a special investigation on Wednesday evening that is said to be explosive. Corbyn’s director of communications Seamus Milne is understood to have been planning the party’s media fightback for a fortnight.

Rumours that Corbyn could face an internal challenge are growing stronger by the day, and certainly the mood in the PLP is anchored somewhere between deep anger at the state of the party and total despair over the ability of MPs to assert any influence over the leader and his increasingly isolated band.

One recent development makes the prospect of some sort of move against Corbyn just a little bit more likely: Karie Murphy, Corbyn’s chief of staff and key link to Len McCluskey at Unite the union, has begun a period of extended leave.

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