REVEALED: Tax haven links of Brexit Party’s biggest donor

Financier who gave Nigel Farage’s party £200,000 has extensive links to tax havens - and banks in Euros.

A financier who gave £200,000 to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has a series of links to tax havens, The Red Roar can reveal.

Multi-millionaire Jeremy Hosking recently announced his donation to Farage’s party with a warning that the Conservatives were “diluting Brexit”.

His latest venture Hosking & Co is an investment fund based in Dublin which has been called the world’s largest tax haven. Company accounts show the business banks in Euros, and purchased its offices from Hosking for €1.5 million in 2016.

Hosking also retains a financial interest in his previous venture, Marathon Asset Management, which made profits of £146 million in 2018. Company filings for Marathon show that its ultimate parent company is an offshore entity based in Jersey named M.A.M. Investments.

According to 2005 accounts, the offshore business owned further offshore subsidiaries in Ireland and the Cayman Islands, and had over £300,000 banked in the Channel Islands. Newer company filings confirm that Marathon operates in Ireland and the Cayman Islands.

Hosking is now the sixth Brexit Party figure with links to offshore businesses. There is no suggestion that he or any other Brexit Party figure has acted unlawfully.

It raises further questions over Nigel Farage’s plan to crash out of the EU without a Brexit deal, leaving the UK free to operate outside of European rules on tax havens.

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