Birmingham Momentum snub “anti-austerity” candidate

Attempts to bounce Birmingham Momentum into backing “anti-austerity” Pete Lowe have been rejected by the far-left group.

The Red Roar understands that supporters of Pete Lowe, the former Dudley Council Leader who is running for the Labour nomination for West Midlands Mayor, attempted to bounce senior Birmingham Momentum activists into backing their candidate at a recent meeting. In a decision likely to have shocked Lowe, local Momentum activists instead opted to hear out all the candidates first, which include former New Labour Ministers, Liam Byrne & Lynda Waltho.

It may have been the surprise endorsements for Byrne from Corbyn-allies Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, and Shadow Minister, Clive Lewis, that deterred activists from declaring their support for Lowe, the candidate presenting himself as the local Corbynista.

Or perhaps it was Lowe’s record as a campaigner? He managed to buck the national trend twice when contesting the parliamentary seat of Stourbridge in 2015 & 2017, winning a decreased vote share in 2015 and a swing to the Tory incumbent in 2017.

A recent Labourlist article on the contest quoted Clarion, an online “class-struggle, socialist” magazine, which suggested the Labour leadership want to free up Byrne’s parliamentary seat.

However, the Red Roar suspects that local left-wingers haven’t forgotten Lowe’s leadership of Dudley council, when the “anti-austerity” candidate appears to have been anything but. Lowe reportedly forced low-paid council staff to take unpaid leave in order to cut costs, and this week had a public argument with a Birmingham councillor over whether he always paid a real living wage to council workers.

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