Slap on the wrist for Momentum candidate accused of claiming antisemitism is not “real racism”

Evidence seen by The Red Roar shows that a Momentum candidate and Labour official was let off with a warning over claims she had suggested antisemitism is not "real racism".

A Momentum candidate for Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF) was let off with a warning after Labour was passed evidence that she had suggested antisemitism is not “real racism”.

Carol Turner, who was elected to Labour’s policymaking body in September, was accused of claiming Labour antisemitism was being “exaggerated by the Israel lobby” and arguing that her local Lambeth Labour Party should instead focus on “real racism” at a branch meeting last year.

Carol Turner has been interviewed by Ken Livingstone on Iran’s Press TV as a representative of the Stop the War Coalition.

An official complaint was made to the Labour Party in June. The complainant did not hear back from Labour until after Turner was elected to the NPF, after which they were informed “that this person has been reminded of the conduct the Labour Party expects of its members.”

No further action was taken and Turner remains a member of the NPF. She did not respond to a request for comment on the complaint and its allegations.

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