OFFSHORE BREXITEERS: Five Brexit Party candidates have links to tax havens

Five candidates for the Brexit Party are millionaires with links to tax havens, The Red Roar can reveal.

Five candidates for the Brexit Party are businessmen and millionaires with links to tax havens, The Red Roar can reveal.

It means they are following in the footsteps of their leader Nigel Farage, who admitted setting up a tax haven trust fund on the Isle of Man for “inheritance purposes”.

  • Eastern candidate and party chairman Richard Tice has listed his property business offshore on a stock exchange in Guernsey.
  • Yorkshire candidate John Longworth advised the Hottinger Group, a firm advising super-wealthy families that is owned by an offshore firm named in the Panama Papers.
  • South West candidate James Glancy is chief executive and part-owner of a security consultancy whose largest shareholder is based offshore on the Isle of Man.
  • South East candidate Chris Ellis was chairman for a diamond mine business operating through a company in the British Virgin Islands and named in the Paradise Papers.
  • London candidate Graham Shore is co-owner of Shore Capital Group which says it will “take advantage of Brexit uncertainty” and whose ultimate parent company is based in Guernsey.

No wonder Farage and his candidates want out of the EU – it recently tripled its list of tax havens to include fifteen countries.

There is no suggestion that any of the candidates have acted unlawfully.

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