Even Brexit Party candidates think Nigel Farage is a nob

Tweets unearthed by The Red Roar show that even Brexit Party candidates think Nigel Farage is an "idiot" who talks complete rubbish.

Brexit Party candidates have branded Nigel Farage an “idiot” and an “out-and-out bastard” who talks complete rubbish.

  • David Bull branded Farage an “idiot” over his scaremongering about migrants with HIV, saying it was “ill-judged, prejudiced and dangerous.”
  • Andrew Allison slammed Farage as an “out-and-out bastard” and called UKIP “a Farage dictatorship” in an outburst about the party’s 2016 leadership contest.
  • Claire Fox tweeted “I despise Farage’s jingoism” and said “not for the first time Farage was talking rubbish” in the aftermath of the referendum.
  • James Heartfield complained about Farage’s snooty accent, and in another bizarre tweet compared him to Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.
  • Lance Forman said that Nigel Farage “likes the sound of his own voice”, which seems to us fair comment and an incontrovertible fact.

Deep down even Brexit Party candidates know it – Nigel Farage is a bit of a nob.

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