Boris miles ahead of other Tory hopefuls on fundraising as he banks £840,000

As Tory leadership hopefuls raise cash for their campaigns, an analysis by The Red Roar shows Boris Johnson has banked thousands of times more than some of his rivals.

Boris Johnson is light years ahead of other candidates on funding for his Tory leadership campaign.

According to the latest Register of Interests, the former Foreign Secretary banked over £840,000 in earnings and donations last year – thousands of times more than rival Esther McVey who cashed in just £350.

Even on donations alone, Johnson’s nearest rival is fellow Brexiteer Dominic Raab who racked up £135,000 in recent weeks thanks to donors linked to tax havens.

Every candidate in our top eleven has said they back Brexit, with the softest Brexiteer Rory Stewart ranking eighth with £12,000 in the bank.

1 Boris Johnson – £840,000

Johnson has earned an incredible £266,000 from speeches to private banks and other businesses since resigning as Foreign Secretary, gets £22,000 a month for his Telegraph column and receives a steady income from book sales (even if he occasionally forgets to register them). But Johnson isn’t short on donations either, beating other candidates hands-down on this front too with over £178,000 from donors including elections guru Lynton Crosby to Tory mega-donor and Brexiteer Anthony Bamford, chairman of JCB.

2 Dominic Raab – £135,000

Raab leapt ahead on donations in March, raising £73,000 from donors linked to tax havens. He’s earned a few quid writing for the Telegraph and The Sun, but his £3,100 from these articles is nothing compared to what Boris Johnson is earning.

3 Sajid Javid – £60,000

Like Dominic Raab, home secretary Sajid Javid recently launched a fundraising drive netting him £50,000 in the last month alone. Javid’s donors include regular Tory donor and oil millionaire Ian Taylor, as well as financiers including Howard Shore whose investment group’s ultimate parent company is based in the tax haven of Guernsey. These donations are topped up by a minimum of £10,000 a year in rental income from his property in London.

4 Michael Gove – £49,000

Michael Gove has taken a different approach to some of his rivals, securing regular monthly payments from a series of lesser known donors. His largest donation from the “Strangers Gallery Dining Club” presumably represents the proceeds from a fundraising dinner, but as an unincorporated members’ association it gives no indication of who the funds came from. He’s also benefited from a trip to the American Enterprise Institute’s World Forum where he rubbed shoulders with free market fanatics from both sides of the Atlantic.

5 Jeremy Hunt – £30,000+

Jeremy Hunt’s earnings come from three rental properties, including a holiday home in Italy, and office building in London and seven apartments in Southampton he only declared after being reprimanded by Parliament’s standards watchdog. Parliamentary rules mean Hunt only has to declare that he’s earning over £10,000 a year from each property, so his actual income from them is likely to be much higher.

6 Matt Hancock – £27,000

Hancock has raised £10,000 from Surrey councillor Rachel Hood and £5,000 from the Tattershalls estate agents founded by Sophie Matthews, but the rest of his cash has gone directly on the infamous Matt Hancock app which is not likely to be of much use in a vicious leadership contest.

7 Amber Rudd – £22,000

Rudd has racked up a respectable £20,000 in donations from business figures including Simon Hume-Kendall who was arrested by the Serious Fraud Office in March after investors lost £236 million when his London Capital & Finance firm collapsed. Rudd also jetted off to the Bilderberg Conference in Turin last year at a value of £1,600.

8 Steve Baker – £14,000

Brexit hard man Steve Baker is looking pretty soft on donations. Tory peer Greville Howard has gifted him the use of a London pad, while his only other donation is £500 for a ride on a steam train courtesy of Vote Leave donor Jeremy Hosking – and he’s now backing the Brexit Party.

9 Rory Stewart – £12,000

Old Etonian Rory Stewart pockets a tidy £3,800 from book sales, plus £9,000 from two different descendants of the 1st Earl Cadogan whose family collectively owns much of Chelsea. A man in touch with the people.

10 Liz Truss – £8,200

Liz Truss has not registered a single donation or gift except for a visit to the American Enterprise Institute’s World Forum, the free market festival also visited this year by her rival Michael Gove.

11 Esther McVey – £350

Despite announcing her intention to run for the leadership well ahead of Theresa May’s resignation, Esther McVey has earned just £350 this year from a solitary appearance on Andrew Neil’s This Week.

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