Tory Islamophobia crisis deepens as FIFTEEN members’ offensive Facebook posts revealed

The Islamophobia scandal engulfing the Tories is set to deepen as another fifteen Tory members’ offensive Facebook posts are revealed.

The Red Roar can reveal another fifteen Tory members’ offensive Facebook posts as the party faces a deepening crisis over Islamophobia in its ranks.

Earlier this week the Conservatives suspended fourteen members whose Islamophobic comments were revealed by the “Racists for Rees-Mogg” Twitter account. In a sign of how widespread the problem is, The Red Roar has now identified a further fifteen members who have made offensive posts.

Other prejudice is also rife in groups of Tory supporters. One member described Graham Norton as “an odious little Irish queer” who has a “political agenda,” while others promoted conspiracy theories about the influence of George Soros on world events and the murder of Jo Cox.

All fifteen have identified themselves as members of the Conservative Party in replies to a post in the Jacob Rees-Mogg Supporters’ Group on Facebook.

The cases have been passed to Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis, who has so far resisted calls for an inquiry into the party’s racism problem.

1 Tony Fell

Shared a video with the subtitle, “why Muslims kill for Islam,” and referred to the “osmosis” of Islamic influence on British politics. Elsewhere he stated that “the biggest problem” is “Governments weaponising against their own people,” and referred to Sadiq Khan as “the king rat of the most polluted sewer in the UK.”

2 Caroline White

Shared a Russia Today article claiming that George Soros was implementing a plan to create a “Muslimized Europe” through immigration, referring to the far-right “Kalgeri plan” conspiracy theory.

3 Ally Stubbs

Wrote a post about Muslims being wiped out in the future, and posted a petition calling for an end to all immigration into Britain which accused “foreign citizens” of “trying to change the UK into a Muslim country.”

4 Mary Wilkins

Shared a meme of Theresa May wearing a headscarf, blaming terrorist attacks on Islam, accompanied by the comment “the only way we can stop terrorism is by removing the threat.” She also shared a post bemoaning the lack of “White Pride Day” and an image of Theresa May shooting herself in the mouth with a pistol labelled “Islam.”

5 Sue Anderson

Shared a post about the far-right “great replacement” conspiracy, and in another called Mark Zuckerberg “Grandad Rothschild.”

6 Maureen Bremner Owens

Suggested George Soros is paying the media to give Tony Blair coverage, labelled remain voters “retards”, and called for Theresa May to be hung for treason.

7 David Hitch

Referred to the British capital as “Londonistan” and bemoaned feeling “like a pilgrim in a foreign land” in response to an article about Jihadis.

8 Phyllis Holmes

Shared a meme asking “has Britain gone mad?” with a picture of an “Islamic advisor to the armed forces leading a prayer. Also shared a meme fearmongering about sharia law, a quote from Tommy Robinson warning about the “Islamic takeover of our beautiful land,” and a video of Katie Hopkins titled “Muslims can not run our city.”

9 Justin Shasha

An active member of extreme Islamophobic Facebook groups exposed by The Red Roar in the past, he has claimed that “Soros is trying to take down the government” and shared a conspiracy theory labelling him a Nazi collaborator.

10 Annette Susan Martin

Shared a long post on the different ways Muslims act depending on their size in relation to the rest of the population, another on the disproportionate influence they have on British society, and a third warning Muslims would “stab [the USA] in the back as [they] did on 9/11.” She also shared several videos by alt-right Infowars employee Paul Joseph Watson.

11 Margaret Mary Rebecca Kiely

Commented that she was “not ashamed” to say she agreed with Tommy Robinson and his work in “exposing the truth behind radical Islam,” and also that “Islamic refugees should go to Saudi Arabia or Iran.”

12 Amanda Toland

Wrote that there was “not much to disagree with” in UKIP leader Gerard Batten’s call for Muslim-only prisons and the abolition of all hate crime laws. She also regularly expresses concern about the “escalating number of mosques in the UK,” celebrating those which are abandoned, and shared fake news about Europe being “handed to Islam without a shot being fired.”

13 Kate Wolsey

Commented twice on her belief that Jo Cox was “sacrificed for the greater good of a remain outcome to the referendum,” evidencing it with the further claim that the former-MP’s family showed “not a trace of grief” in the aftermath of her murder.

14 Philip H Clarkson

Shared a video by Infowars’ alt-right YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson bemoaning how Muslims are treated differently in Britain from “white people,” and shared a video titled “Muslim horde swamps English town” commenting that it was “scary.”

15 John Ward

Referred to Graham Norton as “an odious little Irish queer” after the television presenter criticised Donald Trump.

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