New London Labour official shared “Zionist masters” post

Momentum official Apsana Begum shared a post about the Saudi government’s “Zionist masters” and has now been elected to Labours London Regional Board.

A Momentum official who shared controversial statements online about the Saudi government’s “Zionist masters” and claimed that universities are “offering scholarships to students of for spreading Zionist propaganda has been elected to a senior party position.

Aspana Begum won a place on the London Regional Board following a meeting of the London Regions Conference on Saturday.

Her comments were reported to the Labour Party but The Red Roar understands that no disciplinary action has yet been taken against her.

Begum posted the comments on Facebook in 2017 and 2014, but they have now been deleted.

Regional Boards are the elected bodies tasked with ensuring fairness and due process in key internal procedures including appeals on local government selections and disciplinary cases. In the case of London they are also responsible for oversight of the shortlisting of candidates to the Greater London Assembly (GLA), and Parliamentary selections.

Referring to the “Zionist masters” post, Apsana Begun said “I didn’t make those comments and I shared the article because I was concerned with the treatment of pilgrims who were being harassed in the Mecca Grand Mosque. The original poster used words that were inappropriate, and I wouldn’t use them myself. I’m committed to fighting antisemitism both inside the Labour Party and in wider society.”

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