NO-MENTUM: NEC bars member of Momentum splinter group from rejoining Labour

Labour's ruling NEC has barred a leading member of a Momentum splinter group from rejoining the party.

Rosie Woods, a leading member of a Momentum splinter group, has had her re-application to join the Labour Party rejected Red Roar can reveal.

Woods is on the steering group of Grassroots Momentum, a splinter group set up in objection to what they see as the centralisation of power in Momentum under Jon Lansman.

She is also a senior figure in Alliance for Workers Liberty, and was expelled over her membership of the far-left group in 2016. She re-applied with the support of Corbynista MP Clive Lewis, presumably in the expectation that the new-look NEC – which is now dominated by the far-left – would support her application. The rejection of her appeal means she won’t be allowed to rejoin the party until 2021, after the initial 5-year term for her expulsion has been served.

Grassroots Momentum, whose members include Jackie Walker who is herself facing allegations of antisemitism, have gone to war with Lansman over his decision to drop Pete Willsman from Momentum’s NEC slate following controversial comments he made about the Jewish community, which were caught on tape at an NEC meeting last year.

That is likely to have had a bearing on the NEC’s decision not to grant Woods an immediate return to the Labour Party fold.

The move is likely to be welcomed by members of Harrow West CLP, however. Woods chairs her local Momentum group and sources at the CLP claim her presence at meetings often created an atmosphere of tension and discord which has only recently dissipated following her expulsion from the party.

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