ALT-WRONG: Theresa May dined with chairman of new alt-right group

George Farmer, the chairman of alt-right group Turning Point UK, paid £50,000 to dine with Theresa May and other senior Conservatives.

Theresa May dined with the chairman of a new alt-right group and accepted nearly £100,000 in donations from him.

George Farmer is the chairman of Turning Point UK, a branch of the notorious American alt-right youth group of the same name that has been linked to racists and white nationalists.

Official records show that Farmer dined with Theresa May last year as a member of the Tories’ exclusive £50,000-a-year Leader’s Group of elite donors, and has donated nearly £100,000 to the party since 2017.

Farmer is a former Bullingdon Boy who works for an investment fund owned by his dad, former Tory treasurer Lord Michael Farmer. Farmer Jr recently joined Twitter, where he has branded Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “retards”, called Sadiq Khan a “twat” and a “virtue signalling cuck” and attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for being divorced.

Another tweet attacked Islam, saying “Can anyone explain to me why you need so much protection when you convert out of the religion of peace? Asking for a friend.”

A key link to the American alt-right, Farmer is due to marry one its leading figures Candace Owen, and has been pictured with InfoWars conspiracist Paul Joseph Watson. He is also a proponent of the alt-right conspiracy theory that “Cultural Marxists” are using multiculturalism, feminism and LGBTQ+ rights to undermine Western society.

While the Conservatives’ official youth wing run from its London HQ has urged supporters not to work with Turning Point, it has already received endorsement from right-wing Tory MPs including Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Baker and Priti Patel.

Theresa May will now have to make clear if she wishes to be associated with an organisation best known for ‘mainstreaming’ far-right ideas in the US.

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