THE BARRY TAX Labour trade chief says Brexit means “tariffs have to be collected” on Irish border

Labour's Shadow Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner has suggested Brexit means Britain would collect tariffs on the Irish border.

If you’re worrying about a hard border in Ireland and ripping up the Good Friday Agreement – don’t. Labour’s Trade spokesman has suggested it could be an opportunity for HM Treasury to make a load of money by taxing imports that cross the Irish border.

Barry “Bollocks” Gardiner told LBC this morning that as long as we are in the EU “we can have no variation in tariffs or standards that pass across the border” – but good news – “after Brexit we can, and those tariffs have to be collected.”

Gardiner previously landed himself in hot water for telling a private seminar in Brussels that Labour’s policy on Brexit was “bollocks” and that it was a mistake to seek to avoid a hard border in Ireland.

The Red Roar was first to report Gardiner’s alternative approach to Anglo-Irish relations and the Brent MP made the classic mistake of denying he had said it only for other people at the meeting to release a tape of his remarks.


“Now you asked the Helsinki lady (Heidi Hautala, Vice President of the European Parliament and Green MEP for Helsinki) a moment or so ago why it couldn’t be the same on the Irish border, why could we not just have cameras? Well at the moment, we can have no variation in tariffs or standards that pass across the border. After Brexit, we can. And those tariffs have to be collected, we have to know what’s going over, we have to know that the standards, the sanitary controls, the phytosanitary controls, all of these things can vary. At the moment, they can’t vary. But that’s what Brexit does, and therefore we need in place those controls.”

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