Alt-right conference organised by British MEP flops

Former UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson has hosted a conference of international alt-right figures in the European Parliament - but it's a flop.

An alt-right conference organised by a former UKIP MEP in the European Parliament has flopped spectacularly.

Janice Atkinson, who represents the South East of England, invited figures to address the conference including former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins, Canadian alt-right YouTuber Lauren Southern, leader of fringe anti-Islam party ‘For Britain’ Anne-Marie Walters, and Breitbart journalist James Delingpole.

Atkinson has sat as an independent since she was expelled from UKIP over an expenses scandal.

The conference is sponsored by the ENF (Europe of Nations and Freedoms) group, the far-right grouping of MEPs from parties including UKIP, Marine Le Pen’s Front National, and Gert Wilders’ PVV. A statement sent out ahead of the event said it would seek to answer a series of questions, including “why are minorities prioritised when it comes to safety and culture,” and “how do we take back control of our legitimate messaging?”

It appears the conference has been sparsely attended: a tweet from Atkinson earlier this morning showed Delingpole addressing an empty room, with only Lauren Southern sat in the audience.

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