WACKETT RACES: Momentum activist front of pack for top job in West Mids Labour

Momentum activist Ann Wackett in frame for top West Midlands Labour job is said to be a divisive character in the region.

Birmingham Momentum’s Ann Wackett is said to be the latest far-left activist in line for a top regional job, this time as deputy regional director of West Midlands Labour.

Not unlike her would-be boss Fadel Takrouri, Wackett’s electioneering experience is limited to a failed attempt to beat the Lib Dems in Birmingham’s Yardley East ward earlier this year. But that’s no impediment when regional jobs are being handed out on the basis of far-left factionalism – something Wackett is said to possess in spades.

Local members say she showed a fastidious commitment to party democracy by repeatedly losing selection contests across Birmingham and demanding that they were re-run. It was a process that greatly benefited the city’s community cohesion, as Labour activists of all creeds expressed their exasperation of white council official Wackett in chorus.

Responding immediately to a request for comment, Wackett complained that she “has no capacity to deal with [our] email in any detail” before her return from an excursion to South East Asia. No doubt she is following the example of Labour’s elections chief Niall Sookoo in visiting the far east to meditate on Labour’s readiness for an imminent general election.

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