Unite’s McCluskey warns Brexit necessary to restrict immigration

Unite the union chief Len McCluskey has privately warned Labour MPs that Brexit is necessary to restrict immigration.

Len McCluskey has used a closed door meeting of Unite Labour MPs to say that Labour would have to back a Brexit deal to restrict immigration.

McCluskey, who has previously twisted and turned on freedom of movement in public when under pressure from his left wing allies inside Unite, was much more direct in private, saying that his members expected Labour MPs to vote to restrict immigration.

Like many union leaders, McCluskey was spooked by the outcome of the 2016 referendum: the biggest unions were all against leaving but none ran an effective campaign and all bought into the Tory narrative that working class people voted, en masse, for Brexit.

Polling evidence that showed people in work – and trade unionists in particular – were (and remain) hostile to Brexit was largely ignored.

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