TOFF PROF’S WHINGE: Tory advisor Roger Scruton compares himself to Jews persecuted by the Nazis

Tory housing tsar Roger Scruton has doubled down on his extreme views and compared himself to Jews persecuted by the Nazis.

Tory housing tsar Roger Scruton has doubled down in response to criticism of his extreme views and compared himself to Jews persecuted by the Nazis.

In a new article titled Sin Bin, Scruton complains that a press enquiry about his views on gay people and the disabled addressed him as Roger Scruton rather than “Sir Roger or “Mr Scruton”, adding “I was reminded of the Nazi habit of never addressing Jews, when arresting them, by their titles but always by their surnames”.

He makes a similar comparison in a piece for Radio 4’s Point of View, placing himself in a long tradition of “witch-hunts” including “the centuries old persecution of the Jews”.

Scruton’s remarks are likely to prove inflammatory after he faced fierce criticism for comments uncovered by The Red Roar in which he claimed that Hungarian Jews “form part of the extensive networks around the Soros Empire”.

Elsewhere, Scruton has doubled down on some of his other offensive remarks, repeating his claim that “Islamophobia was invented” and offering “another explanation of the revulsion against homosexuality”. In a new article for the Spectator, he suggests that such prejudices are “the natural outcome of the stresses of modern life”.

The fact that Scruton is reaffirming some of his controversial views now that he is in post as an advisor to the Conservatives could see renewed calls for him to be dropped from the role.

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