Momentum exec Parker loses Vauxhall party battle

Momentum exec Laura Parker has failed in her bid to be elected a delegate to London Labour’s regional conference.

Momentum’s National Co-Ordinator Laura Parker has failed in her bid to be elected a delegate to Labour’s regional conference in London.

Parker was confident of winning the backing of Vauxhall CLP, but at a recent meeting she was beaten by a young activist in a members vote.

The defeat is a blow to Parker’s chances of succeeding Kate Hoey as the Labour MP for the south London constituency if the Brexit-supporting former athlete is removed by members.

It also underlines the difficulty Momentum faces winning battles with so-called moderates, despite the fact the Corbyn-supporting group prides itself on its organisational ability.

Despite this year’s uneasy peace, Moderates still have the numbers in Vauxhall. As well as success in the regional conference election, centre-left candidates won the vast majority of Executive Committee positions for the third year running – despite having a controversial MP and without a clear champion to rally behind.

The fact that Parker is eyeing Vauxhall helps to explain why she has taken a far more aggressively pro-Eu position than Momentum’s official line

She hopes to capitalise on discontent amongst local Labour members over Hoey’s leading role in the Leave campaign.

But if Momentum wants to convince people it has the tools to convince the country to vote Labour, it might want to start by demonstrating its National Co-Ordinator is capable of persuading fellow members to send her to London regional conference.

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