FOR THE MEN, EH? 5 signs Labour has a women problem

The row over whether Corbyn called May a "stupid woman" will be quickly forgotten, but Labour has deeper women problems.

The row about what Jeremy Corbyn did or did not say in the Commons after once again coming off the worse in his weekly PMQs battle with Theresa May will be quickly forgotten. But the culture problems Corbyn and his team have with women and feminism run deeper.

1. The old white men’s club

The leaders of the UK, Scottish and Welsh Labour parties are now all white middle class men over 55. There is no sense in which they can be said to reflect the diversity of country. Not only that but the leaders of the three biggest unions are also old white men as is Corbyn’s effective deputy – John McDonnell.

2. All women shortlists are for other people

Dennis Skinner is widely believed to be resisting retirement because he is determined to avoid being replaced by a candidate from an all-women shortlist. It’s hard to imagine any “Blairite” being allowed to get away with such behaviour, but if you are one of Jeremy’s men, then the rules don’t apply.

3. Cultural relativism is the rule

Look around the world and many of Jeremy Corbyn’s friends and allies are deeply misogynistic. Hamas and the Iranian regime are the prime examples, but Julian Assange is an example much closer to home (for now).

4. The Brocalists

Corbyn’s online supporters are notorious for heaping abuse on women who dare to express an opinion even mildly critical of their hero. Some – like Jess Phillips – have the courage and iron hides needed to take it and answer back (and boy does Jess give good burn), but dozens of others have been forced into silence by the Brocalist gang.

5. Stand Up for Rape Apology

Unlike most of the far-left, who cut ties with the Socialist Workers Party after their rape cover up, Corbyn continued speaking at their rallies. Just this weekend he was pictured with an alleged key player in the scandal, Weyman Bennett, who he once described as “very special and very principled and very good”.

But for any Tories jumping on Corbyn’s “stupid woman” comment, stones and glass houses come to mind.

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