CHRIS CROSSED: Far-left turns on Chris Williamson over defence of antisemite

Far-left figures turn on Corbynista MP Chris Williamson MP over his defence of antisemite Gilad Atzmon.

Leading figures on the far-left have turned on Corbynite ultra Chris Williamson MP over his defence of antisemite Gilad Atzmon.

Williamson has now apologised for signing a petition against Islington council’s decision to ban a performance from Atzmon, claiming not to have known of the jazz musician’s lengthy history of antisemitic views and alleged holocaust denial.

But many on the far-left have voiced exasperation over Williamson’s increasingly offensive views on the problem of antisemitism.

Journalist and Momentum campaigner Mike Segalov was not satisfied with Williamson’s apology, saying “why the fuck did you think he had been banned by [Islington] council then? Why did you sign a petition before reading it?”

Fellow pro-Corbyn commentator Dawn Foster shared a tweet demanding “deselect this crank [Chris Williamson]”, while Tom Gann, editor of the far-left New Socialist magazine, endorsed the idea of exposing Williamson by producing “dossiers” on “the awful stuff he’s done”.

Unfortunately many other key figures on the far-left have so far remained silent, perhaps because they have encouraged Williamson by endorsing him or sharing a platform with him.


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