PERRY BARRED: Far-left blocks Midlands BAME candidate from running for NCC

The far-left has barred a young BAME candidate from running for a place on Labour’s highest disciplinary body.

The far-left has barred a young BAME candidate from running for a place on Labour’s highest disciplinary body.

Kirat Raj Singh is running for a seat on Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC) as part of the Labour First slate of candidates.

But he may now be barred from the contest after members raised a bogus complaint about a nomination from his home CLP, despite already securing at least a dozen nominations from CLPs across the country.

Conference decided that all candidates in the present NCC election must secure the nomination of their home CLP. With the election taking place at short notice, the executive committee of Kirat Raj Singh’s Perry Barr CLP in Birmingham convened a meeting and nominated him by a significant margin.

However, the CLP’s secretary claims local members have since complained that the nomination did not take place at a full CLP meeting. The secretary has refused to share any details of the complaints with the rest of the CLP’s executive.

Local supporters of Singh believe that the CLP secretary is facilitating a complaint by two prominent members of Momentum. If so, it means that three white members have blocked their majority BAME CLP from nominating a BAME candidate.

When other CLP officers raised these concerns with West Midlands Labour, regional officials ruled in the secretary’s favour, insisting that the CLP should have called a full meeting.

Labour’s rule book does not appear to require an all-member or general committee meeting for nominations of this type to be made. Indeed, far-left figures have themselves admitted making nominations by executive committee in the present round of elections.

Supporters of Singh point out that if his nomination by executive committee is void, then many others should be voided too, disenfranchising thousands of members in the process.

Many will also question the ethics of white party members exploiting the party bureaucracy to block a popular, young BAME member from standing for a national party position.

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