Momentum NCC candidate called for reinstatement of Jackie Walker

NCC candidate Stephen Marks backed subjects of ongoing antisemitism cases including Jackie Walker, raising questions over his suitability for role on Labour’s disciplinary committee.

Stephen Marks, a far-left candidate for Labour’s highest disciplinary committee, called for high-profile antisemitism cases to be overturned, including those against Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth.

He even suggested that those raising complaints about antisemitism “are the ones who should be suspended”.

Marks, a member of hard-left group Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), is standing for election to Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC) which deals with antisemitism cases. He now has the backing of Momentum after Jon Lansman capitulated to pressure from other far-left groups.

The Red Roar has already reported on JVL’s defence of alleged antisemites, but can now reveal that Marks made personal interventions in a number of cases, some of which are ongoing.

The most prominent of those cases is Jackie Walker, who has been suspended from the party pending a disciplinary hearing since her 2016 Facebook post alleging that Jews “were the chief financiers of the slave trade”. Marks signed a petition in Walker’s defence and agreed to write to Momentum’s leadership calling for her reinstatement as chair after she was removed from that position too.

Marks also shared a petition in support of David Watson, likewise suspended since 2016 for sharing posts “alleging that Daesh has used weapons made in Israel, comparing Mossad with the Nazis and accusing Israel of genocide against the Palestinians. Marks commented that “it is cases like this which ‘bring the party into disrepute’. Those responsible are the ones who should be suspended!”

Another Facebook post reveals his support for Syed Siddiqi, suspended over allegations he “made various threatening and intimidatory comments” to a fellow member. Siddiqi is linked to Redbridge Momentum, a group whose Twitter account embarked on a rant about “Jews” in July this year.

Marks’ name can be found on a letter supporting Marc Wadsworth who was later expelled for abusing Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth in a decision made by the NCC committee Marks hopes to join.

The endorsements will raise concerns that Marks has prejudged cases he would be expected to rule on as a member of the NCC, including some that are symbolic of Labour’s antisemitism crisis, risking a further loss of faith in the party’s disciplinary process.

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