Labour misses SECOND antisemitism deadline

General secretary Jennie Formby misses latest September deadline set by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

The Labour Party has missed its latest September deadline for dealing with antisemitism cases.

That new deadline had been set by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell when the party broke its earlier promise to clear the majority of antisemitism cases by the end of July.

McDonnell reiterated the promise to camera as he left for a holiday on 1 August, saying “once we get back in September we’ve got our Parliamentary Labour Party, we’ve got the NEC, then we’re into the Labour Party conference, we need to resolve all these issues by then, and that means the consultation over the definitions, the examples, how we go forward.”

In reality, Labour failed to adopt a new antisemitism code of conduct at its September meeting, with the issue postponed until a future NEC meeting. Meanwhile, there have been reports that general secretary Jennie Formby has just one member of staff reviewing antisemitism cases. Jeremy Corbyn has previously said that tackling antisemitism would be new general secretary Jennie Formby’s “number one priority”.

The failures have recently prompted the Jewish Labour Movement, Labour’s only affiliated Jewish group, to launch its own “Antisemitism Monitoring Centre”.

It is unclear if the party has set any new timetable for resolving its backlog of up to 300 antisemitism complaints. The Labour Party has been approached for comment.

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