Militant Merseyside Pensioners Association dismisses antisemitism crisis “lies”

Pensioners group run by former Liverpool Militant leaders issues statement blaming Labour’s antisemitism crisis on “a toxic conspiracy to bring down Corbyn”

A Liverpool pensioners group run by former Militant leaders has issued a statement dismissing Labour’s antisemitism crisis as “lies” and “a toxic conspiracy to bring down Corbyn”.

The letter from the Merseyside Pensioners Association (MPA) bears the logo of the National Pensioners Convention and an address at Unite’s Liverpool offices, raising questions over their associations with the group.

It could also prove embarrassing for a number of Labour figures close to members of the group. John McDonnell, Dan Carden, Emily Thornberry and Len McCluskey have all been pictured meeting with MPA founder and former Militant activist Audrey White. White herself has previously described Jewish MP Louise Ellman’s concerns about antisemitism as “lies”.

The letter itself is signed by MPA secretary Marie Harrison, another former Militant activist, and addressed to Jeremy Corbyn. It condemns “ongoing antisemitic hysteria designed to undermine Jeremy Corbyn”, blaming the ongoing crisis on “a toxic mix of Tories, Blairites, right-wing self-styled representatives of the ‘Jewish Community’”. The full letter can be read here.

The MPA has previously faced criticism for likening protesters against antisemitism to “Salem witch-hunters”, and for campaigning in support of expelled Labour members accused of being members of another political party.

John McDonnell is due to speak at an event organised by MPA member Phil Maxwell on 21 September. The Red Roar has approached him for comment.

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