Nazi comparison group contributed to Labour antisemitism report

The controversial anti-Zionist organisation which Jeremy Corbyn hosted an event for in Parliament on Holocaust Memorial Day is listed as a contributor to the Chakrabarti report.

The controversial anti-Zionist organisation which Jeremy Corbyn hosted an event for in Parliament on Holocaust Memorial Day contributed to the Chakrabarti report.

The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN):

  • Dismissed claims that antisemitism exists in the Labour Party or in Britain;
  • Blamed “the Israel lobby” for the antisemitism crisis in Labour;
  • And accused the Jewish Labour Movement of “representing the interests of a foreign state.”

The claims were made in its submission to Shami Chakrabarti for her 2016 inquiry into antisemitism in the Labour Party.

The group is at the centre of a row in Labour today, after it was revealed that the Labour leader hosted an IJAN event in Parliament on Holocaust Memorial Day which compared Israel to Nazis. Corbyn has since apologised.

Their submission appears to claim that no antisemitism exists in Britain today, stating, “Jewish communities are no longer demonized, but others are.” It goes on to add that “jewish people do not suffer the lowest wages,” and “Jewish people are about 0.4% of the population, and about 4% of Labour MPs.”

The group suggests that accusations of antisemitism were “re-started” in 2016 to harm Labour’s local elections campaign and Sadiq Khan’s mayoral campaign against “the Tory Jewish candidate.” Although Zac Goldsmith’s father is jewish, he describes himself as not “all that Jewish.” The IJAN also assert that those aiming to stamp out antisemitism in Labour were really aiming to alienate “its natural constituents – those who have least in this society, people of colour, Muslims, immigrants.”

The student at Oxford University who resigned from the Labour society over antisemitism, leading to an inquiry by Baroness Royall, is said to have been an employee of “the Israel lobby,” in the submission. The claim is supported by a link to an article on the antisemitic website, The Electronic Intifada, with the headline, ‘How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis.’

On the Jewish Labour Movement, the IJAN cites its affiliation to the World Zionist Organisation as evidence that the Labour affiliate “represents the interests of a foreign Apartheid state in the Labour Party,” and recommends their disaffiliation. They opposed the JLM’s suggestion that “antisemitic, Islamophobic, racist language, sentiments, stereotypes or actions” should lead to disciplinary action as “thought police.”

The submission can be read in full here.

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