TOSSERS Far-left comes to defence of masturbation in the workplace

Far-left groups have come to the defence of masturbation in the workplace in an argument over the suspension of a trade union activist.

Labour Party Marxists and Labour Against the Witch Hunt are better known for defending fellow members of the far-left that have been expelled or suspended for antisemitism, but have now taken up the case of Lee Rock who has been suspended for defending the right of every British citizen to masturbate at work.

The complaint against Rock concerns his contributions to a Facebook argument where he triggered outrage by asserting “if the person next to me at work goes to the loo, I really don’t care if they have a shit or a wank”.

Both far-left groups are sharing a lengthy article that both condemns Rock’s suspension and defends him on the detail of workplace self-abuse, including the statistic that “30% of the population admit to doing it regularly in the workplace”.

With Labour’s compliance team yet to weigh in on the case, the climax of the row could be messy.

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