Top Corbyn ally trashes Baldwin book claim

A former-Corbyn staffer has rubbished allegations from Ed Miliband’s ex spinner, Tom Baldwin, that Corbyn was deceived during the General Election campaign

A story in the Sunday Times which claimed that Jeremy Corbyn was tricked during the General Election campaign about Labour’s social media advertising has been debunked by Steve Howell, who worked as Corbyn’s Deputy Director of Communications.

Howell, who was heavily involved in the Party’s digital output during the campaign, has taken to Twitter to point out that the story is based on an anonymous quote from a single source, which is not normally viewed by journalists as sufficient evidence, and that the details of the quote are incorrect.

The allegations were first published in a book by former Ed Miliband staffer, Tom Baldwin, who criticised Labour in the media during the General Election campaign, a time when most critics of Corbyn in Labour were campaigning for the Party instead. The story was given to The Sunday Times along with an article from Baldwin as part of a publicity push ahead of the book’s launch.

The claim is being used by the alt-left media to attack Labour Party staff and moderates. The Canary and Evolve Politics claimed it proved their claims that Labour election campaign was sabotaged from within, while Skwawkbox is promoting a petition calling for staff to be sacked and banned from the Party.

Howell also tweeted a message to his fellow Corbyn supporters: “Baldwin’s claims should be checked out, but I think his game is to sow division & distrust. We shouldn’t let him!”

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