May’s Brexit Warning… from 1998

A letter to the Telegraph from 1998 signed by members of the present-day Cabinet includes a prophetic warning against "bitter squabbling over Europe".

On the day the Cabinet gathers at Chequers to be told by Theresa May that it’s her Brexit deal or no deal, we stumbled upon a letter punished by the Telegraph in 1998.

It is signed by 26 Tory MPs, including chancellor Philip Hammond, the speaker John Bercow, arch-Brexiteer Owen Paterson and arch-Remainer Dominic Grieve, and expresses support for then-leader William Hague over the thorny issue of the euro.

“None of us can forget the damage done to the party over the past few years by our reputation for ceaseless and bitter squabbling over Europe”, it reads.

The standout signatory? A certain Theresa May. How she must be ruing the fact that the party didn’t take the advice of herself and her colleagues all those years ago.

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