Key Corbyn ally’s bid to become London party boss blocked by Murphy and Formby

Key Corbyn ally Kat Fletcher has failed to become London Labour Regional Director after being blocked by Karie Murphy and Jennie Formby.

One of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest allies has failed in her attempt to become the Labour party’s regional director for London after Karie Murphy and Jennie Formby blocked her appointment.

Kat Fletcher had applied for the post, which would have placed her in charge of Labour’s election planning in the capital at a time when the party is gearing up for a possible General Election.

But Red Roar understands that she did not get the job after being interviewed by a panel whose members included Murphy – Corbyn’s omnipotent chief of staff – and Labour’s General Secretary. The job will now be re-advertised.

Fletcher’s failure to land the key role will raise eyebrows in the Labour movement and signals a rare note of disunity in the Corbynite camp.

Fletcher is one of the Labour leader’s closest and longest-serving allies. She played a key role in helping Corbyn win the 2015 leadership election against huge odds and then spent over two years in the key role of head of events at the leader’s office during the tumultuous initial period of his leadership.

Fletcher performed the difficult task of organising Corbyn’s rallies and events with good humour and was constantly by his side as he found his feet as Labour leader. She is generally regarded as one of the most competent and talented members of Corbyn’s inner circle and helped him see off a leadership challenge from Owen Smith in the summer of 2016.

Fletcher is a Labour councilor in Islington, the area of London Corbyn represents in Parliament, and was appointed Mayor of Islington, in May 2016.

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