Sky Bet helps fund far-right news website with advertising deal

Sky Bet is helping fund a far-right news website by offering gambling deals to its readers.

Far-right blog Politicalite carries a purpose-made Sky Bet page on its website offering readers £20 in free bets, and is likely to receive a referral bonus for each reader signed up. The page was advertised on the site’s front page and carries the Sky Bet logo alongside its own prominently.

The website is full of Islamophobic posts, including one where the site’s editor Jordan James boasts of being banned from Facebook for 24 hours for making the generalisation that Muslims “throw [women and gays] off buildings and stone them to death”. The article finishes with a graphic reading “fuck Islam”. In another rant, James appears to refer to Muslims as “the enemy within”.

Sajid Javid is a favourite target of the site, describing him as a “token minority” on his promotion to Home Secretary. Another article on Javid’s new role carries the headline “Muslim takeover” in its web address, but goes with the more euphemistic “the fox is in the hen house” in the article itself.  It also promoted the conspiracy theory that Sajid Javid lied about receiving a threatening “Punish a Muslim Day” letter.

Politicalite also devotes many articles to defending anti-Islam far-right figures including English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson and Lauren Southern who was previously banned from the UK.

The site also boasts that “big name brands that have advertised on”, listing businesses Natwest, British Airways and even the New Statesman. These and all other adverts appearing on the website appear to use Google’s web advertising platform.

A spokesperson for Sky Bet told Red Roar: “Sky Bet has nothing to do with the site in question, so we have removed what content we can. This looks to be a case of a third party mistakenly placing our advertising on a site and we are looking into how this happened. We haven’t directly approved it and wouldn’t do so. We will investigate and put steps in place to ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.”

Google have been asked to comment.

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