Jacob Rees-Mogg member of SECOND Islamophobic Facebook group with leaders of far-right group he once dined with

We can reveal that in addition to the Conservative Debating Forum already exposed by Red Roar, Jacob Rees-Mogg was also listed as a member of the Conservative Debating Forum Monday Club, a more exclusive Facebook group harbouring more Islamophobic, homophobic and racist content.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the senior Tory MP and bookies’ favourite to be next Prime Minister, was listed as a member of the Conservative Debating Forum Monday Club, an exclusive Facebook group harbouring more Islamophobic, homophobic and racist content.

This latest embarrassing revelation emerged after several Tory MPs including Rees-Mogg were exposed by The Red Roar as members of the Conservative Debating Forum, another Facebook group filled with Islamophobia and racism.

There is no suggestion that Rees-Mogg posted inappropriate material in either group. He has since told the Observer that he had no knowledge of being signed up to such groups and has left them after being alerted to content in the Conservative Debating Forum revealed in our original report.

A notice on the Monday Club group promises to allow members to express views “no matter how un-politically correct”. It takes its name from the Conservative Monday Club, a far-right Tory pressure group once courted by Enoch Powell that was banned by the party in 2001 over its policy of voluntary repatriation of ethnic minorities.

Leading figures from the Traditional Britain Group that succeeded the Monday Club are regular contributors to the group, including Vice Presidents Gregory Lauder-Frost and John Kersey, contributor Sean Gabb and administrator Richard Curry.

Rees-Mogg was infamously photographed with Gregory Lauder-Frost at an annual dinner of the Traditional Britain Group that he addressed, forcing him to later admit that he had “made a mistake” and “didn’t do enough work to look into what they believed in”. Lauder-Frost has since been reported to have called Doreen Lawrence a “n*****” and Vanessa Feltz a “fat Jewish slag”.

Islamophobia is common in the group. On Sajid Javid’s promotion to Home Secretary, one member used an image to compare him to hate preacher Abu Hamza and asked “do we really want a Muslim in charge of intelligence, policing and immigration?” Another poster links “predominantly Muslim areas” to “unemployment” and “wilful neglect”. Islam also a favourite target of Gregory Lauder-Frost, who railed against “Islamic barbarism” in one post, and in another about Austrian plans to close mosques said “hope they demolish them as well”.

As in the larger Conservative Debating Forum, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is a regular target of abuse, with many members referring to him as “Ghengis Khant” and one member saying “this guy should hang”.

Members are also fond of calling for the deportation of ethnic minorities, with regular poster Adam Poulton suggesting “can we please stop deporting Caribbean people and start deporting a more troublesome group?” to which Gregory Lauder-Frost replies “why not deport them all?” and another “we haven’t deported [Diane] Abbott or [David] Lammy yet”. Lauder-Frost also refers to Windrush migrants as “negroes … unwanted and uninvited” and to migrants as “sub-Saharan aliens”.

Prominent black figures attract the group’s racist abuse. A post about Gina Miller attracts the comments “send her back” and “she should be expelled”, a comment on David Lammy reads that Britain is “infested with people like him who do not belong here” and Diane Abbott is described as “revolting” and “trout-lipped”. Two other members comment approvingly on a photo of a shopkeeper who refuses to stop selling golliwog dolls, and another recently railed against “multi-racial advertising”.

Many posters display misogyny, with former UKIP candidate Courtney John Roots saying of left-wing commentator Ash Sarkar “I don’t think anything has made me want to reach through the TV screen and punch someone as much as this bint did”. Another suggests that “degree training as a life objective for females” is “dangerous”.

Following Red Roar’s publication of our investigation into the Conservative Debating Forum, the Monday Club’s administrators have made it into a ‘secret’ group, meaning regular members of Facebook cannot find the group in search or see any of its contents.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been approached for comment.

Red Roar has drawn up a full list of notable people listed as members of the Conservative Debating Forum Monday Club as of the morning of Friday 9 June 2018. We reiterate that outside of examples mentioned above, there is no suggestion that any of those listed below have posted inappropriate material or condone any of the views expressed in the Conservative Debating Forum Monday Club group, and that Jacob Rees-Mogg has already informed the Observer that he had no knowledge of being signed up and have since left the group after being alerted to its content.

Conservative Party Figures

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg MP
  • Stephen Canning, Tory councillor suspended for alleged assault
  • Matt Snape, former Conservative councillor who resigned after he retweeted a joke featuring Hitler
  • Gary Harding, Tory councillor in Gravesham
  • Diane Marsh, Tory councillor in Kent
  • Holly Ramsey, Tory councillor in Sutton
  • Ben Harris-Quinney, Chairman of the Bow Group and Daily Express columnist
  • John Strafford, Chair of the Campaign for Conservative Democracy
  • Patrick Sullivan, Editor of the Parliament Street conservative blog

Traditional Britain Group

  • Gregory Lauder-Frost, Vice-President
  • John Kersey, Vice-President
  • Richard Curry, Administrator
  • Sean Gabb, Contributor


  • Alex Nieora, former UKIP candidate that called feminists “man hating c**ts”
  • Christopher Michael Baksa, former UKIP candidate who liked Islamophobic Facebook posts
  • Mark Collett, former head of the Young BNP
  • Jordan James, Editor of the Politicalite far-right blog
  • Stead Steadman, member of “secret Neo Nazi society” The London Forum
  • Elizabeth Hobson, Director of Media at men’s rights organisation Justice for Men and Boys
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