Britain’s top Brexit negotiator meets expert for tips

Britain’s top Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins got tips from an expert who wrote books titled “Must We Fight?” and “Getting Past No: Negotiating with Difficult People”.

The meeting with Harvard negotiation expert William Ury was revealed in government papers released this week. The pair met in February, crunch talks with the EU in March that saw Theresa May’s latest proposals rejected.

Ury’s website promises to “help people get to Yes in all areas of life”. His book on “Getting Past No: Negotiating with Difficult People” might help Robbins negotiate with the EU, while “Must We Fight? From the Battlefield to the Schoolyard” might be useful for dealing with vicious feuds in the Cabinet.

We can only hope that Robbins will not have to make use of Ury’s 1985 work “Beyond the Hotline: How Crisis Control Can Prevent Nuclear War”.

Robbins headed up David Davis’ Department for Exiting the European Union before heading to Downing Street to act as Theresa May’s top Brexit advisor. While some have praised him as the “real Brexit secretary”, others see him as an obstacle to a ‘real Brexit’ and have called for him to be sacked.

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