Haringey councillor who opposed antisemitism vote is members choice for leader

Zena Brabazon secured a landslide victory last night at the leadership hustings in front of Haringey Labour members.

Zena Brabazon secured a landslide victory last night at the leadership hustings in front of Haringey Labour members. Brabazon won more than double the number of votes than her nearest rival, Joe Ejiofor. Following the non-binding vote of Haringey Labour members, Haringey Labour councillors will meet to elect the new council leader today.

Brabazon is a relatively unknown figure in London Labour politics having only been elected in 2016 in a by-election. This is her second stint as a councillor in Haringey, having served as a representative of St Anns Ward in Tottenham from 2010-2014. Brabzon was deselected in 2014 as St Anns collapsed into a toxic state of infighting.

Previously a high ranking Haringey council official where she developed a reputation for being quite a tough character with her fellow colleagues, Brabazon eventually left her post with a pay off said to be worth around £100,000.

More recently Brabazon has made a name for herself as one of the leading figures in the campaign against the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV), a plan to build new homes and jobs in the borough that drew opposition from Momentum for the involvement of private finance.

Brabazon has won plaudits from Momentum activists for her opposition
to a host of policies advanced under Claire Kober’s leadership, including speaking out publicly against a scheme to invest £6 million in youth services.

More controversially Brabazon was one of three Haringey Labour councillors who left the town hall chamber and refused to vote on a motion designed to combat antisemitism in the local area. Brabazon went to sit with Momentum activists in the gallery who abused the Cllrs that remained in their seats.

Brabazon is married to Alan Stanton who was also a Haringey Councillor until he had the whip withdrawn from him in 2012. Stanton has more recently been accused of being an social media ‘troll’ by moderate Haringey Labour councillors who were targeted by Momentum for deselection before last weeks elections.

Having won such a decisive victory among members at yesterday’s hustings, the Labour Group will feel under pressure to vote for Brabazon as leader in a meeting tonight.

Full results of the members vote:

Zena Brabazon – 69
Joe Ejiofor – 30
Kirsten Hearn – 12
Peray Ahmet – 12
Felicia Opoku – 1

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