Crowdfunder for expelled Labour member Marc Wadsworth riddled with antisemitic comments

A crowdfunder raising cash for expelled Labour member Marc Wadsworth to sue the Labour Party is attracting donations from antisemites.

A crowdfunder raising cash for expelled Labour member Marc Wadsworth to sue the Labour Party is attracting donations accompanied by antisemitic comments.

Marc Wadsworth was expelled from the Labour Party on Friday after he accused Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth of working “hand in hand” with the media to undermine Labour at the launch of the Chakrabarti report on antisemitism in 2016.

Now Wadsworth is planning to launch a legal challenge to the decision, and has set up a crowdfunding page to solicit donations to his campaign that has raised over £21,000 at the time of writing. Labour MPs Chris Williamson and Clive Lewis have promoted the campaign to sue their own party, with Williamson announcing that he has made a donation.

But some of the donors to Wadsworth’s crowdfunder have chosen to leave antisemitic messages along with their donations.

One donor called Douglas suggested that Wadsworth’s expulsion was the result of a pro-Israel conspiracy, declaring that “the Israeli-backed wing of the party cannot be allowed to destroy Labour”. Another named Karl echoed these sentiments, saying “this cabal of far right Blairites Israelis and Tories need to be defeated”, and one named Mark said “the Israeli government have bought Labour – this outrage will not stand”.

A donor named Chris claimed that Jewish community groups were raising concerns about antisemitism for political reasons, saying “the attack on Jeremy Corbyn by Jewish groups [is] probably because of his support for Palestine”.

Others questioned the loyalties of Ruth Smeeth, the Jewish Labour MP that Wadsworth confronted. One donor leaving just the initial “I” instead of a name said “shame on Ruth Smeath [sic], her loyalty is still clearly with her previous employers at BICOM [Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre] and there [sic] agenda is to keep Labour from winning the general election and to stop Jeremy from becoming PM”.

Attacks on ‘Zionism’ also featured, with a donor named Brendan claiming that “Zionism is a nastier version of white supremacy and the Zionists within the Labour Party should be re-educated to understand equality and racism”.

Wadsworth will now be under pressure to return the money his campaign has received from antisemites, causing embarrassment to him and the MPs who have publicly backed him.

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