Skwawkbox accuses Muslim cabinet minister of lying about hate letter

The Alt-left website has attacked Housing Secretary Sajid Javid over an Islamophobic hate letter he received.

The controversial “alt-left” website has attacked Housing Secretary Sajid Javid over an Islamophobic hate letter he received.

Muslims across Britain, including Members of Parliament, received a letter in the past week promoting ‘Punish a Muslim day.’ The letter set out a points system for various violent acts, including throwing acid in someone’s face and torture.

Labour MPs Afzal Khan, Rushanara Ali, Mohammad Yasin, and Rupa Huq, all received the letter. A member of Huq’s staff was hospitalised after opening the letter due to a “low level noxious substance” found on the package.

Javid tweeted a picture of the letter on Thursday to reveal that he too had received it.

In a later tweet, he explained that he had tweeted the picture of the letter being used by media outlets because the one he received contained additional ‘sensitive information … that may compromise police investigation.’

Skwawkbox then published an article attacking the Housing, Communities, and Local Government Secretary’s claim to have received the letter as “untrue,” and called on Javid to resign.

The blog post jumped on a tweet by the editor of Breitbart UK and former aide to Nigel Farage, Raheem Kassan, who also doubted that Javid had received the letter in a tweet. Kassan published a book last year titled, ‘No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You’, and regular promotes former EDL leader Tommy Robinson on his website.

The article also carried a tweet from a twitter account named ‘Jimmy the Weasel,’ accusing Javid of ‘deception.’ Other tweets from this account which Skwawkbox has promoted include ‘White race extinct in 40 years, but Muslim men will fertilise white women,’ () ‘Islam encourages conquest & demands submission,’ and ‘How many Muslim Nobel Prize winners can you think of in the fields of science or technology?

This is not the first time the Alt-left site has spread offensive conspiracy theories. In a fake news story published in June, Skwawkbox claimed the Government had issued a D-notice to hide the number of deaths caused in the Grenfell Tower fire, at a time when families were still waiting to hear whether their relatives’ bodies had been recovered.

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