“WOMEN DON’T HAVE DICKS”: CLPD exec member raises £8,000 for campaign to ban transexuals from all-women shortlists

A senior member of the hard-left campaign group has raised £8,000 to sue the Labour Party.

A member of the hard-left Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) executive has raised £8,000 for a campaign to sue the Labour Party and get transexuals kicked off all-women shortlists, arguing that “women don’t have dicks”.

Jennifer James, a prominent member of Liverpool Momentum and a member of the CLPD’s ruling executive, set up a crowdfunding campaign on Friday to “keep all-women shortlists female” by launching a “legal challenge” to the Labour Party on its decision to allow “the election of transwomen as women’s officers and their inclusion on all-women shortlists”.

James has frequently summarised her own views on trans-women with the crude phrase “women don’t have dicks”, leading to accusations of transphobia.

The campaign has now been reported for breaching the Go Fund Me’s terms and for a possible breach of the Equality Act, with Labour’s recently reappointed Shadow Treasury Minister Clive Lewis saying that the campaign “is wrong and should be opposed by the Labour Party”.

Jennifer James is already under pressure over her calls for left blogger Steve Walker of Skwawkbox to be sacked as her CLP chair over his refusal to back the deselection of local MP Maria Eagle, and Red Roar understands that her comments on transexuals have now been reported to the Labour Party for a formal investigation.

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