Labour NEC results: Corbyn in command as Left candidates stroll to easy win

The 'Momentum three' were elected to Labour's national executive committee today in a result that places Jeremy Corbyn in total control of the party he leads.

Yasmine Dar, Jon Lansman, and Rachel Garnham all won emphatic victories to top the poll and leave rival candidates, including comedian and activist Eddie Izzard, badly beaten.

Dar received 68,388 votes, Lansman 65,163 and Garnham 62,982. Izzard got just 39,508 votes. Johanna Baxter, a former NEC rep, received 27,234 and Gurinder Singh Josan, vice-chair of Sikhs for Labour, 25,224.

The margin of victory won by the hard left candidates – including Momentum founder Lansman – ends any hope moderates had of wrestling back control of the party.

It means Corbyn has a clear and decisive majority on the party’s ruling body for the first time since he was elected in September 2015.

The result shows the vast majority of members are now firmly behind the Corbyn project to transform the party from a mainstream social democratic party in the European mould to a radical insurrectionist movement that has more in common with Syriza in Greece and Spain’s Podemos.

The election of Lansman also means Corbyn now has one of his most powerful political allies and friends sitting on the NEC beside him.

The Momentum founder and leading Bennite is expected to attend his first NEC meeting on Tuesday, when its powerful organisation committee convenes.

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