Labour membership – full regional breakdown gives Party Southern comfort

Nearly a third of Labour Party members now live in Greater  London and the south east, according to new internal membership figures.

The party has 552,175 members, with a total of 179,113 of them now in the capital or the south east.

The same figures show nearly 5000 people left Labour last week.

Labour’s strength in the capital and the south east – traditional Tory strongholds outside of inner London – has dramatically altered the geographic makeup of the Party.

Labour now has more members in London and the south east than it does in the whole of Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire, the West Midlands and the East Midlands combined.

Membership has surged since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in September 2015.

A full regional breakdown is published below.

Yorkshire & The Humber: 51,068
North: 28,177
Scotland: 25,770
West Midlands: 37,291
East Midlands: 35,041
North West: 71,488
Greater London: 112,308
Wales: 27,688
South East: 66,805
East: 42,769
South West: 48,468

Total Members: 552,175

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