AWKSBOX II: Skwawkbox blogger to be ‘deselected’ by local Momentum members

Skwawkbox blogger Steve Walker is set to be dropped as Chair of Garston & Halewood CLP by Momentum members angry with his refusal to back the deselection of sitting Labour MP Maria Eagle.

Steve Walker is under threat after leading member of Liverpool Momentum Jennifer James took to Twitter in an angry rant which concluded, “will he be on our left slate next year? Fuck, no.”

The tirade was triggered by her agreement with Tory MP Sarah Wollaston’s criticism of Skwawkbox for a recent blog in which he attacked Labour MP Stella Creasy for attending a Shed Seven gig also attended by former Labour MP and Tory MP Therese Coffey.

In the thread, Jennifer James lays into Walker for his failure to support a campaign to reinstate three members of the CLP he chairs after they were expelled over allegations that they are members of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

As Red Roar reported in October, the contentious issue saw Walker eject six Momentum members including Jennifer James from a CLP meeting. In her latest rant, James alleges that Walker also asked her to throw the TUSC members out of her “Corbyn supporters group” before he “shouted and swore at me and my fella”.

James also takes issue with Walker over his refusal to back the selection of sitting Labour MP Maria Eagle, saying “Skwawk also told us ‘now is not the time’ to talk about getting rid of Maria Eagle. The Only reason I’m so active in the party is to support a socialist agenda and ensure we put socialist MPs in power meaning Maria has to go.”

James concludes “will he be on our left slate next year? Fuck, no.” The news is a major embarrassment for Walker who in happier times took part in a Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) event with Diane Abbott organised by James, and who previously championed the involvement of Momentum members in local Labour groups in his Skwawkbox blog.

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