Pretty in Pink? Osborne eyes FT editorship

Ex-Chancellor tells friends he wants to be considered for top job which may become vacant in 2018.

George Osborne could be forgiven for kicking himself on a near-daily basis for his hasty decision to leave Parliament in a huff after Theresa May sacked him as Chancellor. Had he stayed, the chances are he would have replaced her as PM after June’s disastrous (for the Tories) election.

But his new career as a newspaper editor could yet bag him a job that many covet. Despite refusing to rule out a return to Parliament at a Lobby lunch this week, colleagues at the London Evening Standard say Osborne has expressed an interest in becoming editor of the Financial Times when and if Lionel Barber, who has done the job since 2005 years, stand down next year.

His admirers say Osborne – who had a stint on the Times as a young man before pursuing a political career – has impressed as editor. He would have to give up a series of lucrative jobs if he is to edit the FT, including a £650,000 a year position with investment manager Blackrock.

But as consolation prizes go, becoming editor of “the pink ‘un” would rank highly.

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