Emily out of favour

Emily Thornberry's naked ambition has not endeared her to the Leader of the Opposition's Office.

Emily Thornberry’s naked ambition has not endeared her to the Leader of the Opposition’s Office.

She had a blazing row with Jeremy Corbyn’s powerful chief of staff Karie Murphy over the amount of speaking time she was handed at Labour party conference this year, which ended with the Shadow Foreign Secretary telling her undiplomatically that she should get someone else to go on TV and defend Jeremy.

Since then, she has been less visible on the Sunday political shows – and Dawn Butler, the Shadow Woman’s Minister who is now strategically placed next to Corbyn at PMQs each week – has made a far greater number of appearances on broadcast media. None of that may matter, however; ET is still the most likely person to succeed Corbyn when he eventually stands down, according to the bookmakers.

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