A spectre is haunting the boardrooms of Britain – the spectre of Jeremy Corbyn

As Andrew Murray plans the "first 100 days" of a Corbyn government, corporate Britain is starting to worry.

Corporate Britain has belatedly woken up to the fact that the Tories’ are incapable of running a tasting party in a wine bar and are doomed to electoral humiliation. That realisation is likely to lead to a payday bonanza for the perennial parasites of British politics – the public affairs lobbyists who claim huge influence in Whitehall but don’t know a single member of Jeremy Corbyn’s team.

The man CEOs were dismissing last year as a burnt out hippie with the electoral appeal of a bad cold suddenly carries huge clout in UK plc – and the scramble to discover what he might do in Government will weigh heavily on the shoulders of Britain’s leading executives from now until the next election.

Thankfully for them, however, there is an easy and cost-effective way to find out what he plans to do in office in the form of “Britain’s Road to Socialism” – the 2011 programme of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) which was written under the guidance of Andrew Murray. Murray is the chief of staff to Unite’s General Secretary Len McCluskey and now works one day a week on secondment to Corbyn’s office, where his tasks include planning the first 100 days of a Corbyn government.

A CPB stalwart for decades, he once quoted with approval Khrushchev’s dictum that “against the imperialists we are all Stalinists”. Murray, who this week called for George Galloway to be let back into the Labour party, left the CPB last year and joined Labour so he could work more closely with Corbyn. The two men have been allies for decades and worked together on the Stop the War campaign.

“Britain’s Road to Socialism” is full of helpful pointers about what a Corbyn government might do in its first days in office. “The opening stage in Britain’s socialist revolution will therefore have to culminate in the election of a left-wing government at Westminster, based on a socialist, Labour, communist and progressive majority at the polls”, it says.

The first tasks of a Corbyn government, assuming it takes its lead from “Britain’s Road”, will include abolishing the professional army and replacing it with a trade union led militia and a programme of re-education for the police. Both of these steps, Murray and his co-authors believed, are essential to stop a repeat of a Chilean-style counter revolution.

Fat cats hoping to avoid the worst by switching their money overseas are going to be disappointed: a Labour government, argues the programme, will have to take powers not just to seize British-owned overseas assets but to sell them off to finance a siege economy back home.

Presumably, if Murray’s plan is enacted, George Galloway will become Secretary of State for the Implementation of the First Five Year Plan.

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